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Slink by Hypnus Records – A Rippling Filter Bank Inspired By Water




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A Rippling Filter Bank Inspired By Water

Slink is an automated filter bank that creates anything from extreme spectral stereo morphing to subtle tonal variations. It is designed to give fast results while allowing plenty of in-depth tweaking for the curious explorer.

Slink by Hypnus Records A Rippling Filter Bank Inspired By Water
Slink by Hypnus Records – A Rippling Filter Bank Inspired By Water 3

Slink uses an algorithm to control the amplitude of 32 bandpass filters. These filters are divided into your left and right audio channel to create morphing stereo effects. By tweaking the parameters in the main panel, you are changing the variables of the algorithm, which creates sonic morphing that unfold over time.

Main features and functions:

  • Intuitive interface with a wide sweet spot
  • Easy to use with deep explorative potential
  • Unique spectral morphing characteristics
  • Emphasis on high audio quality
  • Surgical stereo controls
  • Internal modulation patching

Slink was created by Hypnus Records, developed by Alexander Berg & Michel Iseneld. A collaboration with Chaos Culture.

About Hypnus Records

Ever since the birth of consciousness, there has been a reverence for the unknown. Hypnus Records have always sought to understand what hides behind the curtain of our perceptive limitations by means of emotional exploration, observance of nature, and ritualistic techniques of ecstasy. Using nothing but our minds and a beat, Hypnus Records may enter a state that lies beyond our ordinary reality as Hypnus Records slither between inner dimensions not explainable by the words of man. Instead, Hypnus Records has been communicating our experiences through mythical lore, esoteric doctrine, and symbolism which jolts us into this wordless state of illumination. Today, in the era of modern sound design, Hypnus Records is able to shape sounds in ways not previously conceivable in the history of our consciousness. This is why the adepts of Hypnus have gathered; to evoke sonic landscapes that utilize our wonderful imaginary ability and to equip the receiver with a lush bouquet of perceptive assets. With this, Hypnus Records hopes to aid the pursuit of stretching our conscious limits while connecting us all to each other and nature in the process.

Pricing and Availability

Slink is available now.

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