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ValhallaDelay Updated to 2.0.8

The ValhallaDelay 2.0.8 update adds two new delay modes: Quartz & PhaserDDL

New Quartz Mode

Quartz is a delay mode as transparent as its namesake. The Quartz mode takes the filtering out of the feedback loop, and incorporates a nearly colorless limiter, so your repeats can be as bright and shiny as you want them to be. Perfect for looping, clean echoes, bright flanging, and all sorts of pristine sounds.

PhaserDDL Mode

PhaserDDL incorporates a digital delay with a 4/6/12 stage phase shifter on the outputs. The phase shifters are in the feedback loops, which results in psychedelic echoes with long delays. Turn the delay time and delay feedback down to zero, and PhaserDDL is a great stand-alone phaser. The Age knob is swapped out for a Res knob, to control the phase resonance. 

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  • Single: same modulation for left and right channels 
  • Dual: quadrature modulation (0 degrees in left, 90 degrees in right)
  • Ratio: antiphase modulation (0 degrees in left, 180 degrees in right)
  • PingPong: antiphase modulation (0 degrees in left, 180 degrees in right)
  • Quad: 4 separate phase shifters, each running at a different rate, and each with antiphase modulation (0 degrees in left, 180 degrees in right). Select two or more Taps for a lush combination of phase shifting, or all 4 for a dense phase shifted stew.

Pricing and Availability

The 2.0.8 update of ValhallaDelay is available to demo and purchase today. If you already own ValhallaDelay, the FREE update can be found by logging into your user account. 

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