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G-Sonique Releases Darker Techno Instruments




Darker Techno Instruments

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Darker Techno Instruments by G-Sonique

 G-Sonique’s Darker Techno Instruments is a collection of high-quality techno synthesizers, hits, bells, drones, donks, instruments, voices, melodic persuasive hits, effects, noises, leads, plucks, and pads.  This is Club Bank containing 32 instruments. After purchase, you get enough credit to download the whole Bank from G-Sonique Club. Following you insert the Bank into universal G-Sonique Club Player VST/AU, which you obtain for free within Club.

 From modern sounds to 80s vintage darkness.  Darker minimal techno needs synths, melodies and pads too!

 Ideal for minimal techno, dark Detroit / Berlin techno, modern raw hypnotic techno but can be used in various styles like: film music, industrial, neurofunk drum and bass, electronic body music, dark ambient etc

About G-Sonique Club Bank

Unlike classic G-Sonique Club Instrument, this is not standalone plug-in.

G-Sonique Club Bank is a set of instruments that you simply load into G-Sonique Club Player, a free plug-in that can hold a lot of such a bank. So basically you have got one G-Sonique Club Player, which you constantly expand with any new Club Banks released in the future or with current banks available in G-Sonique Club.

Pricing and Availability

Darker Techno Instruments is available now.

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