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DRUM FURY 2 – Instruments In Action (Sample Logic)




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DRUM FURY 2 – Instruments In Action

DRUM FURY 2 combines exceptional content, (recorded at multiple locations; from field recordings to scoring stages) with streamlined creativity. The intuitive user interface gives access to essential controls for speedy composing and fast sound manipulation. Sample Logic’s main aim was to create interface controls focused around simple concepts, yet with essential tools to dive deeper and instantly shape the sound to taste.

The connection between you and your virtual percussion instrument has never been more direct, as DRUM FURY 2 takes a streamlined approach with user experience at the helm. Explore the breadth of organic acoustic drums without getting lost in the interface and use the favorite control to select your preferred sounds.

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 After the phenomenal response to Sample Logic’s original Drum Fury (see StrongMocha’s DRUM FURY Review – APOCALYPTIC DRUMS) library, this second installment picks up the baton and delivers all-new cinematic percussion performances.

Pricing and Availability

Construct Your Own Kits

The driving concept behind DRUM FURY 2 (Affiliate Link) is to deliver epic drums in all their many and varied forms; from deep lows to thumping mids and piercing highs. Using the building blocks of DRUM FURY 2, it’s super-simple to stack multiple instruments together and shift each instrument by using the octave displacement feature. This makes it super easy to build custom construction kit multis. From sparkling detailed metals to huge world ensembles, this collection will inspire you and will become your go-to library for creating detailed cinematic drum parts.

Pricing and Availability

Get the newly launched DRUM FURY 2 (Affiliate Link) now at an introductory price of $69.99 (normally $129.99).

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