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Move Your Tracks with Feel

In addition to their Virtual Drummer line, German-American plug-in makers UJAM launch Groovemate ONE. It is the company’s first plug-in to their new series of virtual percussion including sounds like tambourines, shakers, and one-shot shakers, as well as claps. Groovemate is intended to make tracks move and shake and enhance rhythmic feel. With 30 styles made out of 4 percussive sounds, this simple production tool provides quintessential percussion for contemporary music. Like real-life percussionists, Groovemate ONE uses sophisticated patterns that work against or around the basic beat and emphasis, such as 3-over-4 and syncopations.

The Missing Ingredient

You’ve cooked up your track, you’ve got bass and drums, melodies and chords and yet there’s something missing. Why does it still lack taste? Percussion! Think of salt as a spice – working dutifully in the background, a little bitter when consumed in masses. But no dish will come to full expression of flavours without it. Same goes for pop songs and percussion.

ONE… ,2, 3, 4

Groovemate ONE quickly and easily spices up your tracks with that important feel. Just select one of the ready-made phrases and adjust them to your needs. Or play the contained instruments yourself, directly via MIDI input.

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With just a few clicks, Groovemate ONE delivers that special flavor which just doesn’t come with the most basic drum libraries, although it’s used in many popular productions these days. For example, let your mix shine simply by adding the high frequencies of a solid tambourine or a shaker. Maybe you need a bit more movement in a certain part of your song? Easy! Just let a tasty percussion groove play in the background and you’re good to go.

Pricing and Availability

ONE is now available at ujam.com for an introductory offer of 9 EUR / USD until May 9th, 2021. After that, the plug-in sells for 19 EUR / USD.

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