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Unify Update 1.5 Is Available




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Unify v1.5 is NOW Available

Download the free update 1.5 files by either logging into your account or downloading from PlugInGuru’s Distribution partner Ilio’s website.

Updating to Unify 1.5.0 is a two-part process, Part one: Install the Unify software & Part two: Install updated Unify content (optional). The .guru content update file has not changed since Unify v1.4. If you had previously installed the v1.4.0 update, you can skip the second step. For more details, read the manual.

New in Unify 1.5

AutoSave up to your last 10 edits
Are You Sure? Safety option when changing patches after they’ve been edited
Browse window always open
Softtube plug-in compatibility for VST2 and AU plug-ins (VST3 still don’t work correctly)

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