Toontrack Fretless EBX for EZBass – Welcome to a Bass for the Ages

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 4 May 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Fretless Is More

The Fretless EBX arrives with a picked instrument, sampled in careful detail to capture all of the certain individual characters. In extension to the sounds, it also includes a broad selection of presets as well as a fashion content of MIDI tailored for fretless playing styles.

Toontrack Fretless EBX for EZBass fretless start
Toontrack Fretless EBX for EZBass - Welcome to a Bass for the Ages 3

When scanning for an optimal fretless bass to sample for an expansion like this, the Toontrack sound design team had an extensive list of boxes it needed to tick. Fabulous craftsmanship and attention to detail were one, a purified and crystalline tone were another and an even and balanced sustain was a third. In the end, the list whittled down to one obvious choice, the brainchild of fretless master player Gary Willis: an Ibanez GWB 1005.*

  • A meticulously captured fretless, top-shelf bass
  • Includes a collection of presets covering a broad range of tones – from dark and mellow to bright and articulate
  • For use in any style where the bass has a prominent role
  • Includes a custom MIDI library tailored for the instrument and fretless playing styles

At a glance, one wouldn’t think that removing the seemingly insignificant metal rods that separate the notes on a bass’ fretboard would open up a completely new harmonic panorama and transform it into an almost altogether new instrument. But it does, indeed. The sublime and soaring violin-like character, the near-weightless glissando, the rich, full and hearty sustain and the incredibly unique overall expressiveness are all qualities that make it utterly impossible to mistake it for a traditional bass. A subtle vibrato or just the strike of a single note gives it away.

Toontrack Fretless EBX for EZBass Midi
Toontrack Fretless EBX for EZBass - Welcome to a Bass for the Ages 4

The fretless bass, the presets and the MIDI you need for flawless composition across the genres.

Pricing and Availability

Fretless EBX is available now.

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