Squeaky Gate – Beautiful Sound Design from Bizarre Sources by FrozenPlain

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 6 May 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Clean-tone squeaky gate sound design

FrozenPlain released Squeaky Gate. Ever opened a squeaky metal gate and thought, “I want to use that sound in my music”? Well, now you can! Various metal gate squeaks were recorded, cleaned, and processed to make this genuinely useful sound-design sample library. Each sample is available as an ‘instrument’ inside FrozenPlain’s sample-based-synth VST/AU engine, Mirage – included for free. You’ll also find 40 presets, including plucks, pads, basses, and leads, ideal for soundtracks, atmosphere, or adding a unique edge to any genre. The resonation caused by the gate hinges produced a surprisingly clean and consistent tone – almost similar in character to a cello.

  • 42 presets, saved as separate mirage-gate files
  • Mirage sample-based synthesis engine included
  • Squeaky Gate Mirage library (closed format mdata file) which features thirteen instruments
  • ~60MB file download

Most of the samples were put through a granular synth to lengthen them. As part of this, it was possible to capture both soft and intense versions of the same sound. You can smoothly modulate between these 2 states using Mirage’s dynamics knob, allowing for expressive performances.

Perfectly tuned and playable across the whole keyboard

Each recording was cleaned up and tuned to a musical pitch so that it could be used as an ‘instrument’. Some samples were also further processed with granular synths and effects.

Two kinds of gates were recorded, a small garden gate and a large, heavy farm gate. Both fully metal, including the hinges. By slowly opening the gate, long consistent-pitch squeaks could be drawn out; these recordings are the core of Squeaky Gate.

Intriguing instruments for IDM, soundtracks and atmospheres

Create playable string-like pads and textures, synthy plucks, and resonating basses with Squeaky Gate. This tool is designed to be something genuinely useful that you can reach for when you want to add an intriguing organic-synth hybrid type sound to your track. The 40 included presets have been categorized and appropriately named – ready for you to instantly use in your production.

Powered by Mirage

A free VST/AU control-hub for FrozenPlain sounds

Mirage is a sample-based-synthesis VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac that comes free with any powered-by-Mirage product. It’s the control hub for FrozenPlain’s new sounds, offering a powerful set of parameters and effects for rapid, flexible sound design, no matter what the sound source is.

Once it’s opened up in your DAW, you’ll see all of your powered-by-Mirage products ready to click on and use instantly. There’s no subscription or log-in procedure, just instant access to the sounds and presets.

Pricing and Availability

Squeaky Gate is available now.

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