Seed Audio – Metallurgy Audio Pack

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 7 May 2021
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Metallurgy Audio Pack

Metallurgy proved to be quite a hit amongst Pigments users wanting something quirky but equally hard-hitting and cinematic sounding. Seed Audio created an audio sound set packed with all the sounds from Metallurgy for Pigments, sequenced into beautiful rhythmic and melodic phrases, riffs, and sfx, in glorious .WAV format.

Seed Audio set out to create the varied sounds of metal objects. From a slinky to a large oil drum. A heavy metal pan to garden utensils, various music boxes, and rusty keyed instruments. Seed Audio hits everything then mangled it in Pigments, then sequenced it all in our favorite DAW, Bitwig, and output the audio. There is a processed and unprocessed version of most samples for you to choose from.

Seed Audio – Metallurgy Audio Pack MetallurgyAudioPack
Seed Audio – Metallurgy Audio Pack 2

All sounds are nicely categorised into folders and named clearly for ease of use. Metallurgy Audio Pack contains 256 wav files (44.1khz/24bit):

  • 45 Hits and FX
  • 82 Percussive Sequences
  • 91 Melodic Sequences
  • 38 Soundscapes and Pads
  • All recordings were made to 130bpm. Of course, you can deviate from that and do what you may, just remember that was the source Bpm.
  • All sequences are made to loop properly at 8 or 16 bars. Please do make a note of any that don’t loop properly, please!
  • Most pads and sequences are one-shots, however some loops. They are marked ‘looped’.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN PIGMENTS 2 TO RUN THE PACK – just incase we needed to shout that out.

Pricing and Availability

Metallurgy Audio Pack is available now.

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