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Arturia Updates KeyStep Pro Firmware Enabling Arpeggios in Sequences and Other Key Enhances

The sequencer the world has been waiting for. KeyStep Pro gives keyboard players incredible sequencing and performance power in a compact, versatile controller.

Arturia updates the the Firmware of the KeyStep Pro to Version 2.0.

KeyStep Pro Firmware V2.0

KeyStep Pro’s performance, production, and pure musical creation abilities continue to grow with every free update, bringing yet more precise refinements and much-requested features to our universal sequencing mastermind.

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Included in the New Update

  • Global transpose – Transpose multiple melodic tracks at the same time
  • Global value offset – Apply a relative offset for any of the 5 main controls for every step across the selected track pattern
  • Arpeggios in sequences – You can now record arpeggios into a sequence
  • Recording Chord Mode – Record ‘Chord Mode chords into a sequence
  • Arpeggios while stopped – Create and play arpeggios while KeyStep Pro isn’t playing
  • MIDI Thru – MIDI Out 2 can now be set to Thru mode
  • Mono Mode – The mono mode has been refactored for a smoother experience
  • Arpeggio swing – You can now add swing amount to arpeggios using Shift
  • Step Listen – Trigger sequence steps without playing a sequence so you can preview your notes
  • Workflow and UX – various workflow improvements to performance, functionality, and ease of use

How to Update your KeyStep Pro

Follow those quick steps to get your controller updated.

  1. Connect your gear to your computer via the USB connection
  2. Launch the MIDI Control Center (MCC)
  3. Click on the latest firmware button to launch the update process

KeyStep Pro

New features

  • Transpose Group: Tracks can now be grouped and transposed simultaneously (Trans+Track buttons to group tracks)
  • Global Offset: It is now possible to alter the properties of all steps within a pattern.
  • (Hold Shift and turn Pitch, Gate, Velocity, Time Shift or Randomness)
  • Arp can now be recorded in the sequencer in real time
  • Chord Mode: Chords can now be recorded in the sequencer using Real Time Rec, Step Rec, Step Edit, and Quick Edit.
  • Arp can now be played when the sequencer is stopped
  • Swing can now be applied to arpeggios
  • Mono mode: Workflow has been reworked for a smoother experience.
  • Step Listen: In Step Edit / Step Rec, pressing a step button plays the step
  • (Can be enabled / disabled via Utility > Misc or MCC)
  • MIDI Thru: MIDI Out 2 can now be set to Thru mode.
  • (from Utility > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out 2 or the MCC)
  • MIDI to CV: now supports Pitch bend, Mod wheel and Aftertouch messages
  • Looper Touch Strip can now be disabled
  • (Shift + Touch Strip)
  • Sustain pedal & Hold are now taken in account when recording in real time.
  • Steps and pages can now be copied and pasted across different patterns and tracks
  • Notes Copy/Paste: Copy and paste of notes within a step has been reworked for a smoother experience
  • Reload Project saved state: Hold Project + Shift to reload the project saved state from the Flash memory
  • Drum Mute: “Shift + Drum” now quits Drum Mute mode
  • Metronome time signature is now the reference for bar size and launch quantize
  • Nudge, Invert and Rand Order functions can now be applied to Control Track
  • Pedal MMC start / stops are now supported


  • Various synchronisation improvements
  • Step Recording: Creating ties now moves the cursor to the next step on each press.
  • Chord mode: It is now possible to release Shift + Tie/Rest and keep editing the chord until all keys are released
  • Quick Edit: It is now possible to release the step and keep editing until all keys are released
  • Chains can now be created on the fly on several tracks without releasing the chain button
  • Switching between Pattern / Chain now occurs when releasing Pattern / Chain buttons.
  • Manually switching between patterns now exits Chain mode
  • Active steps now remain dim lit when holding shift for a better experience when using Nudge, Invert and Random Order functions.
  • Walk mode behavior improvement
  • Arp: velocity knob can now increase and decrease the arpeggio velocity
  • Arp Randomness range improvement
  • Arp: Keyboard now remains active when the track is muted
  • Arp: Added warning popup when reaching the maximum number of notes
  • Added a pop-up warning when trying to transpose Drum Track
  • Tap Tempo estimation improvement
  • Step Edit: Step values are preserved when going above 127 or below 0.
  • Control mode: Chords & Arps played when record is ON are now recorded on the selected background track

Bug fixes

  • Real time recording: Held notes are no longer overwritten by notes played staccato when overdub is OFF.
  • First step gate time is now correct when slaved to Live through USB
  • First step is no longer missed on start when slaved to Ableton Live via USB
  • Velocity minimum value is now properly displayed on the LED ring
  • Chord mode: Notes above MIDI note 127 or under MIDI note 0 are now ignored
  • No more conflicts between the Looper and the Arpeggiator
  • No more conflicts between the tracks and scenes step colors when holding Scene
  • No more conflicts between the playback cursor and scenes step colors when holding Scene
  • No more conflicts between the keys LEDs when using user scales and Step Edit/Step Rec
  • Holding an empty step now shows the default note blinking
  • Enabling Step Rec now properly resets the cursor position to step 1
  • No more stuck notes when playing arpeggios and using user scales
  • Default note key LED no longer stays ON when entering another note
  • Arp no longer misses notes
  • Drum sequencer can no longer stop when switching between Mono and Poly mode
  • Key LEDs can no longer be stuck in the Drum Mute color after exiting it
  • Control Mode pattern 2 no longer creates conflicts with Drum pattern 1
  • Pattern maximum number of notes is now properly limited to 192 notes.
  • Drum sequencer no longer randomly misses some triggers upon playback
  • Velocity voltage is now properly updated when playing legato
  • No more stuck notes when transposing arpeggios
  • Creating a chord in the chord mode is now displayed on the correct octave.
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