EPHEMERE a High-resolution Dual-channel Recording Interface For Your Signals

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 10 May 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

EPHEMERE by patching panda for Eurorack

EPHEMERE is a high-resolution dual-channel recording interface for your signals. You can record from 1014sec at 172Hz up to 4 seconds at 44.1kHz of signal on each channel, change the playback speed also it scans through the recorded CV.

EPHEMERE comes with an Oled display to monitor your signal to adjust playback length. When nothing is patched to the input you can use the input pot as an offset/cv generator to record pot movements into the module. It´s possible to save, load your signals in the sdCard up to 16GB of space, There are 4 different modes to record to choose from to make more complex signals and 3 different play modes either.

EPHEMERE a High resolution Dual channel Recording Interface For Your Signals
EPHEMERE a High-resolution Dual-channel Recording Interface For Your Signals 2
  • 2 Channels signal interface recording
  • Record modes ( manual, sync, manual multi, sync multi)
  • Play modes ( forward, backward, pendulum)
  • M1014 seconds at 172Hz up to 4 seconds at 44.1kHz to select from the menu.
  • Oled display with 2 types of signal monitoring
  • Speed control /5 to x5
  • Signal recording select from the menu -5V/+5V or 0V/10V
  • Save, Load, erase files from 16GB SDcard
  • Easy remote updates
  • CV control from 0V to 10V
  • 14hp
  • Skiff friendly

Pricing and Availability

EPHEMERE is available.

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