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Binaural 3D Audio | Episode 01 | Introduction




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Binaural 3D Audio – Introduction

One of the coolest things I’ve been exploring is Binaural 3D audio. It’s 3D audio for normal headphones, coded in normal stereo. We’re living in a world where people consume most music with earbuds, so I am hoping the modular world will be inspired to give these ‘poor’ people a completely new and immersive experience. In this episode I’d like to showcase the #3DIO​ Free Space stereo microphone that hears stuff exactly as we hear it. It’s the cheapest model in the 3DIO portfolio, but it can deliver awesome sounds. But you can also experiment for free with the Sennheiser #Orbit​ VST, now rebranded to #DearVR​ Micro (​). I am hoping to inspire the modular community to bring a new dimension to the music and help people to stand out on media like BandCamp. It works best with high quality WAV files (and not so good with MP3) so this could be an incentive for people to actually download your albums. Have fun!

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