Sale – 67% off “Flying Hand Percussion” by Handheld Sound

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 13 May 2021
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Flying Hand Percussion by Handheld Sound

Flying Hand Percussion is jam-packed with a range of playing techniques, articulations, mic positions, and features making it perfect for composing and playing live in every musical genre. It is featuring 18 hand percussion instruments from Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe.

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Sale - 67% off “Flying Hand Percussion” by Handheld Sound 3

Using almost 40,000 samples, the library features instruments from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe with up to 20 dynamic layers per note, 4 round robins, up to 3 mic positions and over 50dB of dynamic range.

18 Instruments From Africa, Asia, South American & Europe

  • Anklungs – Asian Bamboo rattlers (4 sizes)
  • Ashiko – 14″ Maple Ashiko Drum
  • Gran Casa – An Orchestral Bass Drum, suspended and played with hands
  • Bells – A variety of Bell-like instruments
  • Bongo Cajon – Bongo Cajon with Mahogany heads
  • Boomwhackers ® – ‘D’ and ‘G’ Boomwhackers
  • Claves – The earthy ‘Piru’ claves
  • Clay Drum – Custom made Clay Drum like an Udu
  • Congas – A hi-end set of Congas
  • Cowbell – 3 different types of cowbells
  • Djembe – 16” Djembe
  • Frame Drums – 16” and 22” Frame Drums
  • Kanjira – Indian Kanjira Hand Drum
  • Timbales – 14” and 16” hi-end Timbales
  • Triangles – Orchestra Brass Triangle and the one-of-a-kind Trine Instrument
  • Naal – Custom made Indian Naal Drum. Its tone resembles a Tabla
  • Plastic Bottle – 5 Gallon Plastic jug
  • Shakers – Assorted including Plastic, Wood & Bamboo

Legato Drumming &  Special Features

One of the most innovative features of “Flying Hand Percussion” by Handheld Sound (Affiliate Link) is its Legato Drumming™ Engine which adds real time gestural hand sounds when moving between drums zones (eg. from the center to the edge of a drum), creating an incredible life-like performance.

The newly updated Legato Drumming™ Engine now also includes auto nuance and gesture control including temporary dynamic muting (when playing polyphonically) creating an even more natural sound and realistic sound.

Flying Hand Percussion’s interface offers quick access to control over LegatoCutoffResonanceRelease and Panning options as well as a large microphone mixing panel allowing you to blend between up to 3 microphone options (Close, Room and Bass Enhancer). Also included are a selection of custom impulse responses to use.

As well as organic instruments, Flying Hand Percussion includes the Morphosis menu, which blends processed acoustic sounds with electronics to produce some obviously unnatural effects – perfect for film or TV work and the Mutants menu which are a selection of cinematic sound FX, re-pitched instruments and virtual ensembles.

Pricing and Availability

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Sale - 67% off “Flying Hand Percussion” by Handheld Sound 4

“Flying Hand Percussion” by Handheld Sound (Affiliate Link) is available for a special price 67% off

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