Threnody – Avant-Garde Strings by Soniccouture

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 17 May 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Threnody: Avant-Garde Strings

With Threnody Soniccouture released something a little different from the many string libraries already on the market. The focus in Threnody is on avant-garde string articulations, such as those you hear in late 20th century orchestral music or science fiction film soundtracks

Threnody Avant Garde Strings by Soniccouture
Threnody - Avant-Garde Strings by Soniccouture 2

Threnody was recorded in Budapest with a 60 piece orchestra, this instrument explores the darker side of strings, with 26 extended & avant-garde articulations. THRENODY samples a massive string section of 60 musicians, creating a textural playground of col legno clattering, clusters, ‘clouds’ of activity, and arcs of glissandi. Avant-garde & extended playing techniques like these have long been a foundation for sci-fi and horror soundtracks, where the orchestra becomes a shifting edifice of sound.

THRENODY features 26 different articulations sampled across the entire orchestral range, which can be layered with an XY controller to create entirely new orchestral shapes and movements. The articulations we chose are divided into 7 categories: Traditional, Extended, Cluster, Micropolyphony, Clouds Pitched, Clouds Cluster, and Glissandi. All articulations are recorded at multiple dynamics across the entire orchestral range.

Pricing and Availability

Threnody is available now, at an Intro Offer with 20% off until June, 4th 2021.

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