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ARPOLOGY Cinematic Dimensions by Sample Logic Sale

In 2012 Sample Logic developed a game-changing arpeggiator that shook up the industry and left all other arpeggiators in the shade. This ground-breaking piece of scripting was named the “Step Animator” and it became the driving force behind a fantastic multi-genre sample library, the original ARPOLOGY. This library conjured magic from single instruments with incredibly versatile step animation.

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Fast forward to 2018 and Sample Logic is shaking things up again, but this time taking arpeggiators to a whole new level. The Sample Logic team has spent an entire year developing ARPOLOGY: CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS (Affiliate Link) which quadruples the power of the original ARPOLOGY with the addition of an all-new 4-core performance engine, individually animating 4 instruments to create one cohesive sound. This allows users to blend up to 4 instruments while using different arp patterns at the same time, yielding amazingly creative results. This new iteration of ARPOLOGY is not only more powerful but includes 23+GB of recorded instruments (from the original ARPOLOGY and newly recorded content). The library boasts over 1,200 presets designed to deliver flexible sequencing and arpeggiated grooves for all types of cinematic productions.

For only $89.99 (instead of $399.99), get ARPOLOGY: CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS (Affiliate Link) by Sample Logic!

  • 1,200+ presets
  • 23+GB Sample Content
  • Drag & Drop MIDI patterns from ARPOLOGY into your DAW
  • Dynamic meta-tag browsing system
  • Sample Logic’s proprietary 4-core Step Animator with XY Mixer
  • Entirely “randomizable” interface for instant and infinite inspiration
  • Hot-swappable effects chain technology
  • Built for Kontakt Retail 5.8, or higher

LEVEL UP: Dynamic Preset Browsing

Sample Logic has gone to great lengths to consider the end user’s needs. Time is money and deadlines abound! Dialing in the perfect sound quickly and easily is paramount, so ARPOLOGY CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS makes that happen. This is the main purpose of the built-in preset browsing system; an intuitive, dynamic one-stop solution for choosing presets and playback manipulation.

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As the product title implies, there are many different dimensions to ARPOLOGY: CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS (Affiliate Link). Beyond the browsing system, Sample Logic has designed a straightforward approach for digging deep into presets and customizing them. The framework of the interface is divided into 4 main sections: CORE, STEP, MIX & MASTER CORE: Use this section to load individual sound core presets or sound sources into any of the 4 cores. At the center of the CORE interface is a XY controller used to visually blend the mix of the 4 cores. The XY controller movements can be assigned to a hardware controller or animated with a preset automaton pattern. Additionally, record custom XY movements to playback each time a note is triggered right inside the UI.

Built from the ground up, this is an entirely new product which has been specifically designed for musical motion. Each of the presets are uniquely diverse in style and scope and that’s just the start.

ARPOLOGY CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS features powerful built-in randomization functions which can automatically inspire in an infinite number of ways. With these randomization features users can remix fragments of presets to forge together uniquely original cinematic sequences never heard before; all at the click of a button.

Pricing and Availability

Normally 399.99, ARPOLOGY: CINEMATIC DIMENSIONS (Affiliate Link) is now available for as low as $89.99 (you save $310) for a limited time only.

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