INFILTRATOR – The Multi-Effect, Evolved

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 20 May 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

INFILTRATOR – Sequenced Multi-effects Powerhouse

Infiltrator could be your new secret weapon. Infiltrator is a monster multi-effect sequencer that can satisfy any sound design appetite. Thanks to a choice of 28 effects, combined with powerful curve editing, sequencing, and macro controls, the possibilities are endless, and inspiration is guaranteed!

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INFILTRATOR – The Multi-Effect, Evolved 7

Infiltrator Features

  • Draw custom curves for up to ten effects.
  • Choose from 28 effect modules, including filters, delays, loopers, pitchshifters and more.
  • Powerful effects sequencer brings your processing to life across up to 32 steps.
  • 750+ presets by professional artists and sound designers.
  • Four macro parameters give you ultimate control over your sound.
  • MIDI control to activate/deactivate effects.
  • Global output effects include 11 types of distortion and 4 types of compression.
  • Trigger curves as envelopes from audio peaks, or run them continuously as LFOs.
  • Disable curve modulation and use the input audio envelope as a mod source instead.
  • Independent speed control for each envelope – up to 100Hz for special effects.
  • Clean Bass mode allows sub bass frequencies to pass through unaffected.

The Effects

  • Analog-style filter types including Ladder, Model-20, Clean, and 101 designs – all available in LP, BP, and HP variants
  • Overdrive, Ring Mod, FM, and Decimator
  • Delay, Looper and two types of Reverb
  • Pitch Shifting, Frequency ShiftingPhaser, Comb Filter, and Formant Filter
  • Gain, Pan, and EQ controls
Infiltrator FX
INFILTRATOR – The Multi-Effect, Evolved 8

The 10 effect slots give you a choice of exquisitely modelled filters, distortion, pitch shifting, FM, delay, reverb, and loads more. Every slot can be modulated by audio input level or using a custom curve editor, which can be triggered by the input audio or MIDI.

The Sequencer

Using Infiltrator’s sequencer, you can program up to 10 effects curves in different combinations. The sequencer repeats patterns of up to 32 steps, and each steps can have its own length. Effects slots can be activated simultaneously.


Don’t feel like twisting dials? Infiltrator ships with 750 presets, covering a wide range of different genres and sounds. Every preset has its macro controls carefully assigned for expressive control.


With artist banks by: Teddy Killaz Drum and Bass/Dubstep, Venus Theory IDM, Lumberjack House, Reso Drum and Bass/Dubstep, Graphyt Dubstep, Miss Redflower Drum and Bass, Transforma Drum and Bass, Grouch Psy/Dub, Neurodriver Techno/House, Defazed Drum and Bass/Glitch Hop, Xenoben Psy, Pluvio Bass

Pricing and Availability

Infiltrator is available now from Devious Machines at the introductory price of £69.00 ($98/€80). The regular price after a limited period will be £99.99 ($142/€117). A 14-day limited demo version is also available.

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