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New Plate Reverb Plug-in, Spatio Plate by ANWIDA Soft




New Plate Reverb Plug in Spatio Plate by ANWIDA Soft

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Spatio Plate by ANWIDA Soft

After the release of SPATIO Light, that has been welcomed in a few weeks by very positive comments and thousands of downloads, ANWIDA Soft is glad to announce the release of SPATIO Plate, the first premium plugin of the SPATIO reverb suite.

SPATIO Plate is a VST3/AU plugin that offers natural and dense vintage plate-style reverberation. It comes with a signed installer for Windows and signed/notarized installer for OS X/macOS. It loads natively in macOS Big Sur running on Apple Silicon.

EMT 140 Plate Reverb

In the past, portable reverberation units were a dream. It was impossible to add reverberation to a recording in a simple way. You had to use a proper reverberant room with loudspeakers and microphones inside to have some control over the reverberation during post-production. One of the first “portable” devices was the EMT 140 plate reverb. Well, after all, it wasn’t so portable. It weighed roughly 270 Kg, but it was definitely easier to transport than a room.

emt 140 700x800 1
New Plate Reverb Plug-in, Spatio Plate by ANWIDA Soft 4

Electroacoustic plate reverb is made with large metal plates (that’s why this device is called “plate reverb”). The plate gets vibrated in accordance with a signal from a transducer and the vibration is sensed elsewhere on the plate with a pickup.

New Plate Reverb Plug in Spatio Plate by ANWIDA Soft
New Plate Reverb Plug-in, Spatio Plate by ANWIDA Soft 5

Nowadays, digital signal processing allows you to have this wonder packed into a much more portable audio plugin. SPATIO Plate realizes this wonder for you.

Pricing and Availability

SPATIO Plate is available now for a limited time introductory price of $35 (regular price is $49) until May, 20th 2021.

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