Reason 12 Available September, 1st 2021

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 20 May 2021
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Reason Studios Announced the Release of Reason 12

Reason Studios announced the coming release of Reason 12. Reason 12. focuses on improving the Reason Rack, where music-makers can combine instruments and effects to find their own unique sound. The Reason Rack is used as a plugin wherever you make music.

Reason 12 Releases September 1st 2021
Improved Rack experience to be released on September 1st, 2021

Reason 12 (Affiliate Link) had one big goal in mind: level up the Rack experience. Reason 12’s Rack is really the core of what makes Reason unique and where a lot of sounds and music is made. The Reason Studios Team wanted to make that look and feel just right while making it even more immediate and powerful to make music with. Of course, Reason 12 is not just a plugin – you can still use Reason as a self-contained music-making studio.

  • High-resolution scalable graphics
  • Improved browser, to make it easier to find included content and devices
  • Updated combinator, for increased focus on sound design
  • A new sampler, all about sound manipulation, rhythm, and ease of use
Reason 12 Available September, 1st 2021 5

Reason 12 also includes a brand new sampler. Sampling really is an integral part of music production and often the best way to add that magical “something-something” to your sound. This sampler should exceed what’s available in Reason today. Reason 12 sampler designed to quickly explore and playback sounds in an interesting way. Be that from your collection of samples, something recorded on the fly, or even export of the very track you’re working on. There are loads of cool features in there, like our legendary time stretch and brand new ways to play your samples.

With the new sampler and plethora of good-looking, great-sounding devices out there, Reason Studios wanted to put the sound and workflow of the Reason Rack front and center. Enter: the Combinator. It’s one of the most powerful sound design tools anywhere in the world as well as the easiest, best way to find great patches and just make music. Updating the Combinator is also one of the most highly requested features of all times—from more CV inputs and controls to easier programming and more patches.

The Combinator in Reason 12 is fully customizable now, more powerful, and easier than ever to work with. With the wealth of devices available to power it, you can build Combinators that feel like new devices.

Reason May Madness small
Reason 12 Available September, 1st 2021 6

Reason has always been and will continue to be all about the fun, inspiring music you can make with a rack of great instruments, effects, and awesome sounds. Reason DAW is used by more people than ever before, from being the centerpiece of your setup to the go-to plugin for new sounds, and I’m truly excited about what Reason 12 brings to the table. You can buy or upgrade to Reason 12 when it releases on September 1st and if you’re a Reason+ subscriber you’ll get the new stuff as soon as it’s available.

Pricing and Availability

Reason+ subscribers (Affiliate Link) will access Reason 12 on September 1st, 2021. From that date, perpetual licenses and upgrades will also be available for purchase. Customers upgrading to or buying Reason 11 perpetual licenses after May 1st 2021 will automatically be upgraded to Reason 12 on September 1st.

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Reason 12 Available September, 1st 2021 7

All music makers buying or upgrading to Reason 11 after May 1st 2021 will automatically get Reason 12 when it is released. That means you can actually get Reason 12 at 30% off before it is even released, during the Reason Studios May Madness campaign May 17th-May 31st.

Pricing info
Reason+ subscriptions (Affiliate Link) are $19.99/month or $199.00/year at (Affiliate Link)
Reason 12 will be available for $399.00 (upgrades from $129.00) at (Affiliate Link)
All music makers buying or upgrading to Reason 11 after May 1st, 2021 will automatically get Reason 12 when it is released.
During the May Madness campaign (Affiliate Link) 17th-31st May, all Reason products are available at 30% off

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