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Krotos Launches Original SFX Library Store




Krotos Launches Original SFX Library Store

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Krotos SFX Library Store

Krotos, the company behind the award-winning Dehumaniser, Reformer, Weaponiser, and Igniter sound design product range, develop innovative technologies that fundamentally improve the way sound is designed and performed. Krotos are now excited to announce a new Sound Effects Library Store and Starter Sound Effects Library. Krotos Libraries are now available as Traditional SFX Libraries.

Krotos Launches Original SFX Library Store
Krotos Launches Original SFX Library Store 3

Krotos & Partner Libraries

Krotos have always provided high-quality audio content as part of their products. Every Krotos plugin includes a library of assets to use as part of your designs or in presets. This material can be used as an input, be mangled or transformed into your own unique creations.

Krotos have worked with some amazing partners, and some brilliant recordists from across the industry including Boom, SoundBits, SoundMorph, Paul Stoughton, Sounddogs, and many more. Through this, the available collection of libraries has grown over the last few years; Reformer Pro, Weaponiser, and Hybrid Libraries offer powerful new ways of working with sound.

Each Krotos Sound Effects Libraries SFX Library now includes a new traditional library as you would from any other provider, plus a special integrated version that is supercharged by use within a Krotos plugin. These come as a single product, with a single competitive price. The new SFX library store features a powerful search, allowing users to browse more intuitively by searching for keywords, tags, or metadata.

Pricing and Availability

Krotos SFX Library Store is available now,

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