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Krotos Starter Library

Each SFX Library now includes a new traditional library as you would from any other provider, plus a special integrated version that is supercharged by use within a Krotos plugin. These come as a single product, with a single competitive price.

Krotos Starter Sound Effects Library
Krotos Starter Library - Professional Sound Effects for Less 2

The new Kroto SFX library store features a powerful search, allowing users to browse more intuitively by searching for keywords, tags, or metadata.

The Krotos Starter Sound Effects Library offers a broad collection of SFX spanning across the classic categories of sound design. This all-rounder contains 3,965 professional and royalty-free SFX components including Foley, Surfaces, Magic, Weapons, Mechanicals, and much, much more.

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This go-to collection of sound resources is a perfect companion for those starting out in sound design, or anyone looking to expand their existing collection with an affordable SFX pack for post-production and game-audio.

Pricing and Availability

Krotos Starter Sound Effects Library is running at an introductory offer of 50% off, or free for any purchases over $199 on the Krotos website. Use the Coupon Code: FREESTARTER – Offer Ends 31st May 2021

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