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Vult DSP New Wolv Waveshaper For Eurorack

Over the last years, Vult DSP built a lot of synthesizer circuits. On a few occasions, Leonardo (Vult DSP) make full eurorack modules. For example, some years ago Leonardo designed the PCBs and panel for a Steiner-Parker filter. Leonardo gave away the boards to some of my friends and he believes that there are 4 “copies” in existence.

Wolv wave shaper.
Wolv Waveshaper - A pack of Wolves Attacks 2

The last module Leonardo designed is the Wolv wave shaper.

Vult Wolv Sound Demo (Virtual Version)

This is a small demo of the Vult Wolv waveshaper. This virtual version matches the behavior of the hardware version.

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Pricing and Availability

If you are interested on getting one of this you can pre-order Wolv Waveshaper here.  The estimated shipping is during July 2021.

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