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Tim Prebble Field Recordist/Sound Designer and owner of HISSandaROAR launched new libraries.


Tim Prebble read an article about a Guinness World Record for loudest apple crunch, turns out the Sweet Tango apple variety is known for maximum crunch due to having cells twice the size of regular apples. So Tim got some and recorded high rez bites and cracks. Then some hangry zombie bites.

UFX010 CRUNCH Apple is available now

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UFX011 POP Cork

Have you noticed how the liquor industry is transitioning away from cork? Sustainability means less true cork pops in the future. Please note these are red wine and liquor bottle cork pops, and not fizzy champagne pops. Check the preview, detuned and slammed they sound like strange rezzy pipe hits!

UFX011 POP Cork is available now


Same corks, but close mic’d so Tim could perform characterful squeaks. Add a ring mod and frequency shifter and there are some character languages amongst these!

UFX012 SQUEAK Cork is available now

UFX013 METAL Car Jack Weapon Wrangle Weapon Foley

My very first car was a Ford Escort MK1 – reliable, repairable but not exactly high performance… But the tyre jack that came with it was particularly useful for weapon foley. Years later Tim remembered this fact, sourced one & we used it for performed sound FX in a few film projects. Now you can too if it suits your project.

UFX013 METAL Car Jack Weapon Wrangle Weapon Foley is available now

UFX014 AIR Blow Across Bottle Top

While Tim had the bottles in the studio, Tim performed breaths across the open bottle top. Useful for granular as well as unique elements for whooshes, transitions, projectile trails, tones, textures, and drones….

UFX014 AIR Blow Across Bottle Top is available now

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