Trailer Music Course Early Access Phase Ends Soon

  • By: Alex Pfeffer
  • Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Trailer Music Course

A heads up that the early access phase of my well-received TRAILER MUSIC COURSE (Affiliate Link) ends on the 31st of May, 2021, at 8 pm CET. After this time, the price will go up to 249 EUR instead of 189 EUR, and the money-back guarantee will be reduced to 7 days.

Trailer Music Course Early Access Phase Ends Soon 4

In this course TRAILER MUSIC COURSE (Affiliate Link), you will learn all the essentials on how to write trailer music – from the first note to the first feature.

Trailer Music Course Early Access Phase Ends Soon
Trailer Music Course Early Access Phase Ends Soon 5

Trailer Music Course Content

  • Trailer Music Essentials
  • Structure, Preparation, Track Duration, Inspiration, Workflow, The Red Line, Templates, Layering Sounds, Signature Sounds, Harmony & Theory, Arrangement, Melody, Building Excitement & Tension, Mixing, Mastering, Delivery, Gear Suggestions
  • Video lectures about analyzing three industry-released tracks to bits and pieces
  • Listening to the track, Structure, Harmony & Theory, Strings, Brass, Percussions, Synths, Choirs, Processed Guitars, Vocals, Hits & FX, Mixing and Mastering
  • More video lectures about analyzing two exclusively written tracks for this course
  • We are going through all the details as with the industry-released tracks. The cool thing with these two tracks is, that you will not only get video lessons but also the entire session files. This would be the mastered and unmastered stereo mix, the stems, the MIDI files and the entire Cubase session.
  • Trailer Music Business section
  • In this section, we are talking about all the essential things you need to know about royalties, sync fees, performance rights organizations, possible deals, publishing methods, how to build connections and also a little section about mental health
  • Free music tools and more soon
  • To give your trailer music career a little boost, you will get a selection of trailer music sample libraries from my music tool store, a few MIDI packs to give you an idea on how, for example, a string arrangement can be done … and more soon that I won’t reveal yet 🙂

Please keep in mind that the TRAILER MUSIC COURSE (Affiliate Link) will continue to grow in the future. Thanks to the support of 161 happy members so far, I will continue building and bringing more features to the course.

My Work, for whom did I write music for so far

Below you can see an excerpt of released albums that I had the please to write or to be a part of. My music has also been used in many movie trailers such as Pacific Rim, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and his music is currently featured in around 60+ tv shows across the globe. 

Alex Pfeffer My Work for whom did I write music for so far
Trailer Music Course Early Access Phase Ends Soon 6

I already have many unplanned ideas and features that I will add during the next weeks and months, and I will listen to all your feedback and suggestions!

Pricing and Availability

 This TRAILER MUSIC COURSE (Affiliate Link) is available now with an early access price, by enrolling in the TRAILER MUSIC COURSE (Affiliate Link) while it’s still in early access mode, you will get it for 189 EUR instead of 249 EUR, which is the full price once the course is in the final release stage. The price goes up to 249 EUR.

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