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Stingray Instruments – Inversion Soundset for Serum





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Inversion Soundset for Serum

Another first for Stingray Instruments. Spurred by the music of Ludwig Göransson, guest sound designer Charly Van Norden curated 120 of the most excellent presets into Stingray Instrument’s first-ever Serum soundset, Inversion.

Stingray Instruments – Inversion for Serum 1
Stingray Instruments – Inversion Soundset for Serum 3

It was another sunny day at Stingray Towers and the Stingray Instruments team were going through their synth collection. Stingray Instruments happened upon the mighty Serum and decided to make a soundset so cutting edge, you could sharpen your porcupine on! That said, to kick things up a notch, Stingray Instruments asked composer and sound designer Charly Van Norden to create this stunning soundset. As you know, this was history in the making.

Stingray Instruments present to you 120 of the finest cinematic Serum presets known to the universe, perfect for sci-fi, cinematic underscore, tension, and otherworldly sonic soundscapes. This is the sports watch of the 80s but in soundset form.

Unify – Inversion

There is a Inversion Unify pack includes the Inversion extension file for compatibility with Plugin Guru’s Unify Software.

Pricing and Availability

Inversion is available now. Until May, 14 2021 at the intro price of €14.00 (MSRP €17.00 – prices are with VAT included)

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