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AERA – The Core of Trailer SFX

AERA is a FREE library with 20 hard-hitting and cutting-edge sound effects for trailers as well as for movies, television, video games, and other visuals. AERA a small and complex package that includes a broad spectrum of sounds that are a solid basis for transforming your every project into a real cinematic beast.

The idea behind AERA was to create a modern toolkit that is the essence of trailer sound effects. With one sound per category, AERA is the perfect starting point for music composers and editors in need of adding a punch to their projects in a flexible way.

Every project needs to stand out to be remembered. We’ve taken care of that. All the sounds are carefully designed with the highest attention to detail and a uniqueness providing uncompromising material that will shock your audience from the very first seconds. Goosebumps guaranteed!

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All the files contain detailed metadata to make your work faster, easier and more comfortable. They allow you to find the right sound in just a second. You’ll get the best experience using software like BaseHead or Soundminer.

AERA Soundlist

ALARM Furious Laboratory / ATMOS Mountains / BEND Apocalypto / BOOM Geomorphism / BRAAM CLASSIC Satellite / BRAAM SCI-FI Brain Surgery / DOWNER Thorn / DRONE Mutants / HIT Brutal Puncher/ HIT DRUM Superclasher / HIT LOW Gravity Absorber / MEGA HORN Gloomiest Signer / MORPHED METAL Discharged / PING Contact / PULSE Red Hydra / REVERSE Smuggler / RISER AGGRESSIVE Moombah / RISER SIMPLE Moombah / WHOOSH The Edge / WHOOSH TO HIT Thundra

Pricing and Availability

AERA is a FREE library and includes 20 hard-hitting sound effects. All samples are delivered as 96kHz/24bit WAV files.

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