Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 1 June 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Noise Engineering Plugin

Noise Engineering plugins are here, but since this is Noise Engineering first venture into multi-format plugins, Noise Engineering is looking for a dedicated cadre of testers who will put these plugins through their paces, use the heck out of them, and of course, report any oddities that remain so Noise Engineering can fix them before Noise Engineering go into the full release!

Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta session
Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta 6

Included in this release will be  Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor, and Ruina. Each plugin has a preset manager and MIDI mapping so they’ll integrate with your setup however you want to use them. They also have randomization controls so you can create completely new patches at the press of a button.


If you want to quickly create instruments that bridge the gap between traditional subtractive sounds and modern synthesis techniques, Sinc Vereor has you covered. 

Sinc Vereor’s intuitive and inviting controls belie the power of this lightweight synthesizer. Sinc Vereor is loosely based on our gone-but-not-forgotten module Sinc Iter.

Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta 7

Tweak the wave morphing/wave folding Tone control to make sound design a breeze. All your favorite Sinc modes are here! Blend between familiar waveforms like a saw, triangle, and square. The supermodel adds 6 phase-offset oscillators. Use Noise mode to generate self-similar noise for percussion, effects, and more.


Virt Vereor is a powerful synthesizer based on a unique set of synthesis algorithms. Bass is a quadrature algorithm described in Bernie Hutchins’ seminal series Electronotes. Sawx is a supersaw-inspired beast. Harm is an additive algorithm with spectral control and distortion of partials. Virt Vereor makes a tremendous amount of unique sounds with an immediate and usable interface.

Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta 8

Astute users will recognize these algorithms from Noise Engineering’s contribution to Arturia’s Microfreak V3 firmware and our upcoming Virt Iter module. You can read more details about each mode in the Noise Engineering blog post about the MicroFreak oscillators here


Ruina is a creative stereo distortion plugin built on digital distortion algorithms similar to Ruina Versio: no emulations here. Intuitive and fully automatable controls make it easy to get a gentle, nuanced color, to obliviate a signal, or to dial in anything in between. Don’t feel like tweaking the parameters? Ruina comes with tons of presets to fit any need.

Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta 9

Ruina has a wavefolder, a multiband saturator, a chaotic suboctave generator, octavizer, and phase shifter. It also features a notch or bandpass filter with adjustable tracking, and a control to set the order of the distortions in the signal flow to further customize your sound. Last but not least, Overdrive adds up to 128x gain for maximal destruction.

Run any sound through Ruina for warm, lush distortion, or crank the sliders to unleash complete destruction. With seven distortion types, it’s easy to turn your sounds into something new and unique with Ruina.

Watch out for that evil eye though. Does it ever blink? 


Good question! It’s pretty simple. To sign up for the Public Beta, all you need to do is create an account at the Customer Portal, and check the box that says “Sign up for the Noise Engineering Plugin Newsletter and Public Beta.”

Noise Engineering Plugin HOW DO I SIGN UP
Noise Engineering Plugin Public Beta 10

Once you’ve done that, you’re on the list with a chance at being selected to be a part of the beta. Each week, Noise Engineering randomly selects a group of users and add the licenses to their Customer Portal account.

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