• By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 1 June 2021
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Puremagnetik’s GRANULAR SUITE

Granular Suite brings together 5 of Puremagnetik’s granular processing and resynthesis devices. Disintegrate, warp, meld and bend your audio with this powerful set of sound experimentation tools.

Puremagnetik's GRANULAR SUITE - ONLY $20 ALL WEEK 2

Zerone | Audio Particle Splitter. Zerone is an audio particle splitter that uses granular processes to dissect sound. It has two branches of granular processors that can time compress/expand and iterate over time segments. 

Pastfabric | Micro-Memory Splicer. Pastfabric is a micro-splicing machine that operates in real time with whatever you put into its buffer. It was inspired by granular microsound and experimental tape splicing practices. 

Vanisher | Granular Sound Transcendence Machine. Vanisher takes any sound you feed it, chops it up into microscopic particles and re-configures it in time and space. You can create phase-induced 3D audio effects, granular blurring, glitching and much more.

Swarm | Particle Diffusion SamplerSwarm is a sound design effect inspired by “swarm intelligence” and “particle masses”. It clones a segment of a sample and puts those members into a “flock” that disperses in unified – sometimes stochastic – coordination.

Partikl | Particle Delay & Temporal ShifterPartikl is a powerful granular delay and temporal shifting device that can process your audio into unexpected musical forms. At the heart of the Partikl engine is a granular processor that can chop, pitch shift, time stretch and reorganize incoming audio. 

Granular Suite

• Zerone | Audio Particle Splitter
• Pastfabric | Micro-Memory Splicer
• Vanisher | Granular Sound Transcendence Machine
• Swarm | Particle Diffusion Sampler
• Partikl | Particle Delay & Temporal Shifter. 

Pricing and Availability

Normally $80, Granular Suite is available through Sunday for only $20.

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