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  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 11 June 2021
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CONSEQUENCE (AU, VST2, AAX) by Sugar Bytes

CONSEQUENCE is an arpeggiator, which creates a sequence of notes based on the chords that you provide. Up to 3 instruments can be loaded up, and a vast number of sequencing options can be used to control the way that the plug-in “interprets” your input.

For only $54.99 (normally $119), get CONSEQUENCE (Affiliate Link), the chord sequencer by Sugar Bytes!

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CONSEQUENCE (Affiliate Link) – The Chord Synquencer is a “chord groovebox” with a surprising depth of possibilities while being easy to use due to an intuitive workflow. Chords are alternated, split up to custom arpeggios and turned into leg-driving basslines, amazing melodies or dreamy sound textures.

The internal audio recorder keeps your ideas when they come or records loops or even full tracks. The all-round sound library contains all possible kinds of instruments, from thick basslines to gentle “violines”.

Combine these with individual triggering options for unheard sequences “full of joy and groove”. Combine sound-presets and sequencer-presets, an unlimited source of inspiration.

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CONSEQUENCE (Affiliate Link) is a composition tool, which can create chord lines or whole songs on the fly, but also chords which are played via MIDI can be super-sized using innovative sound and sequencing engine.

Pricing and Availability

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Get CONSEQUENCE (Affiliate Link) now at 54% off for a limited time only, hurry and save!

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