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Bunker Strings Updated to Version 2




Bunker Strings Updated to Version 2

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Conceived and recorded deep underground in a World War II bunker in Copenhagen, Bunker Strings Vol. 1 is a collection of eclectic, modern, and highly playable string textures and extended techniques, that will add a new sonic palette to your arsenal. Featuring violins, violas, cellos, basses, and a full ensemble patch playing innovative textural techniques such as drumstick tremolo, as well as some incredibly tight and aggressive col legno shorts, this library will inspire your creativity and add a modern edge to your string writing. It’s designed to easily blend with your existing strings sounds thanks to the excellent dry recording quality and useful sound-shaping controls directly on the interface.

Elevate your string writing with ultra playable string textures. From shimmering beauty to scary mayhem, Bunker Strings is sure to inspire you and give your string writing a unique sound. The perfect addition to any film, game, and TV composer’s string arsenal.


The update includes new sample content (bass ricochet tremolo), a new GUI and greatly improves usability by unifying the many patches into just shorts and a longs patch per instrument. It also includes a new auto-purge function to cut down on RAM usage, and a new auto fade-out script for short articulations, which improves the realism and cuts down on voice usage. This is a free update for existing users.


  • The bass ricochet tremolo that was missing from the initial release has been recorded and added.
  • The previous 78 patches have been consolidated down to just 11: longs and a shorts patch for each instrument (including ensemble) and the bonus synth sounds are now also in a single patch. Select the articulation you want with GUI buttons or key switches.
  • No more having to load a different patch to switch between the normal and dense versions of an articulation. It’s now selectable on the GUI.
  • Auto purge for the multi articulation patches: use only the RAM needed for the currently selected articulation.
  • Auto fade for the shorts: automatically stop any previously played notes or chords still ringing out any time you play a new note or chord. Cuts down on voice count and is more realistic.
  • And last but not least a more modern-looking, easy-to-use GUI.

Pricing and Availability

Bunker Strings Vol. 1 is available now. Is is free update for existing users.

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