Monome Teletype | Episode 2 | Metronome Demons

  • By: Cinematic Laboratory
  • Date: Saturday, 12 June 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Monome Teletype – Metronome Demons

I’ve created my first script for the Teletype, called ‘Metronome Demons’. It samples the IN cv input once a second with the M (Metronome) script. CV outputs A & B are initialized (I script) with a slew of 1 sec. In the Metronome script, the incoming CV is stored in Pattern Zero (the first pattern), simply referenced as P.

Patterns are ‘arrays’ with room for 64 numbers. An array is a table you can PUSH items in, POP items out or INS(ert) at a specific position. I chose to insert them on position (index) 0, which is the first item. This helps to see the numbers come in (tracker view). On specific intervals I’ll send these numbers to CV outputs A, B and C.

So this patch can respond to sequencers, LFO’s and pressure in mysterious ways, where the slew (portamento) will make weird transitions. The CV values are picked from the pattern P with random readers so it will always use the values you’ve gathered before and keep a relationship with what you’ve been harvesting. I don’t think there’s a module that can do this :).

The ‘Metronome Demons’ Script:
M 1000
CV.SLEW A 1000
CV.SLEW B 1000

P INS 0 0
P 0 IN
CV B P RRND 5 10
CV C P RRND 10 20

Box shot min 5

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