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Chapter 1: Exile for Pigments 3

Chapter 1: Exile for Pigments 3 is an ambient cinematic soundset and you will find powerful, cinematic, and even experimental ARP’s, Basslines, Pulses, Sequences, and Noise Sequences. Beautiful, lush, and ambient pads, atmospheres, plucks and fx, and excellent collection of basses, synths, and keys.

Chapter 1: Exile for Pigments 3 is the first installment in a series of soundsets for various software synthesizers which are inspired by various game soundtracks.

This soundset includes 100 presets created with the full use of all the features in Pigments 3. You will find presets using the new Harmonic Engine, utilizing the new 3rd Noise Oscillator, usage of the new modulation effects, and routings.

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All presets have the 4 macro controls and mod wheel assigned. The first macro is often reserved for or Control (like ADSR) or Delay, the second is used for or Space (Reverb/Delay) or just Reverb. The third macro gives a twist to the sound (bit crusher, overdrive, etc.) and the 4th is used for controlling a modulation effect like Chorus, Flanger, etc. The mod wheel controls often the filter.


 The installation is easy. Click on the 3 stripes on the top left corner and select “Import” and select the Chapter 1 – Exile.pgtx file.

Pricing and Availability

Chapter 1: Exile for Pigments 3 is available at the introduction price of €19.95 (€24.95 MSRP – VAT included) till 12 July, 2021.

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