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Metropolix – One Of The Best Sequencers Just Got Better

I sold my old Metropolis a year ago and always missed it a bit because of the ‘stages’, a unique way to make a simple eight-note sequence come to life. I was really happy when the new Metropolix came out that has all the cool stuff of the old legend but comes with tons of new and very useful features. Metropolix is not an all-around sequencer with just two tracks and extensive modulation, but – IMHO – it’s the king/queen/boss of lead sequencing and generative melodic patching. The manual has 153 pages so I leave the walkthrough to people who are much better with demos.

The video starts with a moody ambient pluckfest from Plaits, but if you have a bit of patience, there’s a Tenet inspired patch in the second part, originally composed by the awesome Ludwig Goransson.

Cinematic Laboratory on BandCamp

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