Dark Mass – Sounds From Another Universe

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 9 July 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Dark Ominous Sounds From Dark Mass The Solos | VST Expansion Set for Retrologue

This Retrologue expansion is filled with dark, ominous sounds for your film, trailer, and electronic scores. Dark Mass contains deep subs, decomposed basses, soaring leads, effects, and momentous, spacious rhythmic soundscapes. It is stacked with sounds that can be found in many of the movie trailers scored by award-winning Dutch trailer music agency The Solos (e.g. Captain Marvel, BlackPanther, 1917, and more).

The Idea Behind Dark Mass

Dark Mass was designed to create a library specifically tailored for cinema and scores. Sound design team The Solos is known for its dark-sounding music for blockbuster movie trailers. Since Dark Mass is the mass of an object measured by its resistance of acceleration, the name fits this set perfectly. Two physical forces going against each other to create something unmeasurable yet, at the same time, stable and powerful.

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Dark Mass - Sounds From Another Universe 2

About the developers: The Solos

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Solos is an award-winning trailer music agency comprising composers, musicians, sound designers and programmers. Their music and sound designs have been used in blockbuster movie trailers like 1917, Captain Marvel, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Black Panther and many more. As well as having its own record and publishing label, The Solos also works closely with international audio companies such as Steinberg. Dark Mass was created by Allert Aalders and Richard Veenstra, self-confessed synth geeks and composers of many well-known libraries and trailer sounds.

Pricing and Availability

Dark Mass is available now.

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