Fresh Mistakes | Error Instruments Spanky & Glow LFO

  • By: Cinematic Laboratory
  • Date: Wednesday, 7 July 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Error Instruments Spanky & Glow LFO

Glow LFO is an experimental LFO that supports sine, square and turing machine low-frequency oscillators. A turing machine is a stepped random CV generator (semitone notes) that uses a buffer to create a repeating note sequence. The ‘glow’ part is about a light-sensitive resistor that slows down the LFO when you shine a light on it.

Spanky is advertised as a Transyndrum, a percussive synth with built-in clock dividers, two outputs, and two-hybrid triggers that also seem to double as CV inputs. Spanky is a very useful module for creating weird rhythmic patterns. Have fun!

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