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Free Plug-ins for your DAW

Ever wanted a Ruina Versio but don’t have the budget? Always wanted to have a polyphonic ‘iteritas’ oscillator that blends, bubbles, screams, and morphs into amazing pads, metals, beats, basslines, and leads?

Noise Engineering just released public beta’s of their 95% finished DAW plugins. I normally don’t cover plug-ins on this modular channel, but these are too good to be free. But they are! Free for everyone who has a Customer Portal account or can create one.

Sinc & Virt Vereor are synth voices with a built-in envelope, filter, and chorus. Ruina is a pretty exact port of the Ruina Versio module code. This video is just me fooling around with the plug-ins for about an hour, so they’re easy to install (remember they’re VST3‘s on windows, so you need Ableton to find it) and even easier to play with them. Best with automation!

Pricing and Availability

If you have an account on the Noise Engineering Customer Portal, you have them already! Just navigate to the Software tab, and Bob’s your uncle, you have plugins. No account? No problem. Pop on over to and create one. As soon as you verify your account, your plugins will be waiting for you with open arms.

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