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91% OFF: Insane Piano Bundle by Sampletekk

TVBO is a top-in-class library that comes with 31 velocities/recorded notes which give you a fantastic velocity response! Almost 10 Gb lossless compressed samples (about 15 Gb uncompressed), 7399 different samples.

The Black Grand MkII is based on the magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concert hall for the true concert grand experience. Three different microphone perspectives, Close, Ambient, and Medium Ambiance that you can mix together.

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Last but not least, WG2 MkII is the Ultimate Studio Grand Piano featuring 16 velocity levels and more than 2900 samples

SampleTekk is a Swedish-Based company that specializes in recording and producing high-quality multi-sampled instruments.

All instruments in this bundle require the full retail version of Kontakt. Normally valued at $647, Insane Piano Bundle (Affiliate Link) is now offered at a whopping 91% off for a few days, don’t miss out!

Pricing and Availability

For only $59 (normally $647), get the Insane Piano Bundle (Affiliate Link) from SAMPLETEKK featuring 3 of their most sought-after pianos: TVBO, Black Grand MkII and WG2 MkII.

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