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Zebra Lazarus Vol 3 Walkthrough




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Lazarus Vol 3 Walkthrough

Zebra Lazarus Vol 3 Walkthrough, The Unfinished released Zebra Lazarus Volumes 3 and Volume 4. The Lazarus series was fundamentally inspired by the scores of the Deus Ex and Mirror’s Edge games, but also Quantum Break, The Division, and Mass Effect. It’s futuristic, it’s synthetic, it’s sci-fi.

Zebra Lazarus Vol III

Zebra Lazarus Vol III continues the Lazarus series with more dynamic and atmospheric, electronic, and cinematic synth sounds.

Lazarus III contains 180 patches for Zebra2, with a Dark Edition expanding the number of patches to 360 (adding 180 further patches for ZebraHZ).

Zebra Lazarus Vol 3 Alt

The Zebra Lazarus series is inspired by synth-heavy game soundtracks such as Deus Ex, Mirror’s Edge, Quantum Break, The Division, Borderlands, and Mass Effect. With the two new volumes, artists have expanded the inspiration such as Subheim, Dalham, Daniel Avery, Bronson, nervous_testpilot, and CoLD SToRAGE.

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