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INSPIRED RAVE STABS by Euphony Sound Labs for Ableton Live 11




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INSPIRED RAVE STABS for Ableton Live 11

This is Euphony Sound Labs’ first pack of instruments specifically for Live 11, they make the most of the new macro options including snapshots and up to sixteen dials to allow you to truly craft a unique sound out of these iconic rave sounds.

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INSPIRED RAVE STABS by Euphony Sound Labs for Ableton Live 11 5

Inspired Rave Stabs is an Ableton Live Pack that started out as a trip down memory lane. We wanted to explore what it was like to create rave stabs using old techniques and gear, but also utilize the latest features of Ableton Live 11!

Back in the 90s, we sampled chords from digital sound modules into many of the different samplers available at the time, like the infamous Roland W30, various Akai and Emu samplers, and the lesser-known Casio FZ1.

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When one-shot samples are mapped across the keyboard without any form of warping, the duration changes and, in turn, the pitch; for example, the sample’s duration is shorter the higher up the key range, thus higher in pitch. The duration is longer, lower down the key range, therefore lower in pitch. As a result, a distinct character to the sound emerges when riffs are played within two octaves.

Another popular technique in the 1990s was to tune the oscillators of analog synths to different intervals creating chords. These sounds were sampled as one-shots and mapped across a key range. The same pitch characteristics were prevalent due to the change in duration, adding to the distinct sound and era.

The Inspired Rave Stabs pack has been put together by sampling chords created from tuned analog synth oscillators, stacked intervals from classic 90s digital sound modules, and the tonal character of the Roland W30 and Akai S3000.

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INSPIRED RAVE STABS by Euphony Sound Labs for Ableton Live 11 7

All samples are un-warped to retain the classic pitch nuances of the era. Each rack has been carefully put together exposing useful macros and taking advantage of macro variations giving a minimum of 4 variations per rack. Within this pack there are over 400 variations of stab sounds to keep you gurning to the early hours.

This Pack is built om these five elements

  1. Basic Stab Instrument Racks
  2. Layered Stab Racks
  3. Processed Stab Racks
  4. Stab Modules
  5. Rave Effect Racks

Pricing and Availability

Inspired Rave Stabs is available now.

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