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  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 28 July 2021
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Nave (VST, AU, AAX) by Waldorf

The award-winning Nave has succeeded in changing perceptions of what a serious iOS instrument can be, thanks to unique sounds simply unachievable with any other synthesizer. The Waldorf Music team has often been asked when Nave would be available on other platforms. This new Nave brings that notable Nave sound engine to your favorite DAW.

Designers have optimized its spectacular graphical user interface to work with the tried-and-tested computer combo of keyboard and mouse (or track pad) rather than touch screen surface technology, yet nothing has been lost in translation.

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Anyone at all familiar with Waldorf software instruments will immediately feel right at home with the typical Waldorf workflow where sound shaping modules are always directly accessible and all Arpeggiator, Envelopes, Effects, and Modulation Matrix management controls are only one push of a virtual button away. Nave compliments its standard yet classy chromatic keyboard with groundbreaking blades and pads to control the sound in different ways.

As a synthesizer thoroughbred at heart, Nave really represents a phenomenal playground for sound creation creativity. Its oscillators offer expanded wavetable functionality with elaborate editing facilities and an extremely effective speech synthesizer.

The featured-packed Nave comes pre-packed with superb sounds, ranging from spatial pads to vivid wavetable scans and cutting leads to solid basses, but, above and beyond that, also an abundance of incredibly imaginative sound worlds – many of them professionally produced by some of the top sound designers around.

Pricing and Availability

For only $59.99 (instead of $190), get Nave – the award-winning Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer by Waldorf!

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