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Tolerance Modeling Technology or TMT Explained by Dirk Ulrich




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Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT)

Every channel strip in an analog console sounds slightly different compared to each other. This is due to the slight variances of the built-in components that contribute to the sound of each channel strip. Engineers who work a lot on analog desks often have their favorite channels for vocals, snare, and so on because of these little tolerances that make a sonic difference.

When Dirk Ulrich, the founder, and owner of Brainworx, realized how these little sonic variances had a massive impact on his mixes’ dimensionality, width, and depth, he wanted to add these analog imperfections and tolerances to the digital domain. Dirk and Brainworx came up with the idea of the now patented TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology). Learn more about TMT in the video below.

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