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Sounds of Harald Salaun’s Workshop

Did you ever want to know how it sounds in Harry’s Workshop?

Yes? Then it is time to check out The Workbench, a Kontakt 6 driven sample library of various tools. Reverse, Pitch Shift, Lo-FI, Distortion, and Reverb effects allow you to turn those everyday tools into some slick hybrid percussions that will rock your productions.

THE WORKBENCH the Sounds of Harald Salaun's Workshop 2
  • close up sounds of various tools in Harry’s workshop
  • 196 unique samples organized in the categories clicks, tinkles, rattles, scrapes, clacks & sticky
  • all samples laid out on the keyboard for instant playback
  • adjustable start offset and panning per sample and the sample length is set by note length for maximum flexibility
  • 24bit, 48 kHz recordings, also available as raw .wav files
  • Reverse, Pitch Shift, Lo-Fi, Distortion, and Reverb effects controllable via key switches
  • effect amount buttons assignable for DAW automation or midi controller
  • modulation wheel controls pitch shift amount

 This sample library has been created by Harald Salaun.

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Pricing and Availability

The Workbench is available now.

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