FL STUDIO 20.8.4 Released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 8 September 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

FL STUDIO 20.8.4

Image-Line announced native support for Apple Silicon CPUs, a new Frequency Shifter effect, Video Scrubbing in the Visualizer, improved 3x OSC synth, and much more. They always add more so you can do more with your favorite DAW application.

What’s New in FL STUDIO 20.8.4

  • Apple Silicon Support – Native ARM code support for Apple Silicon (M1 and related CPUs). See full details here.
  • Frequency Shifter – Special effect to create metallic, dissonant, ring modulation and phasing effects. Included free with Producer Edition and up.
  • 3x Osc – New, optional, high quality anti-aliasing to oscillators to improve the fidelity of sounds with high frequency content.
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer – New video scrubbing/jumping option for the ‘Video Controller effect. Add multiple instances of the same Web-Cam to the plugin. New ‘Luminance average‘ internal controller for each buffer available on the (Right+Click) Link to controller option. New ‘Peakmap‘ effect by Dubswitcher.
  • Mixer – Increased brightness of volume (dB) label on Mixer Tracks.  Track (Right-Click) & Mixer Menu options to reset routing for selected Mixer track(s) to default. Mixer Menu > Recording – Added an option ‘Apply track level and mute when recording‘ so these can be ignored when recording ‘Post’ effects in the mixer.
  • Maximus & Limiter – Added a menu option to disable the -0.2 dB safety margin.
  • Toolbar – Added a toolbar button to change set language. This will appear by default when the language is changed from the default.
  • Edison – Apply visualization options without closing the menu when (Right+Click) is used. Renamed ‘Disable undo for large samples’ menu to ‘Enable undo for large samples’.
  • Piano roll – Added an option to preview notes as they are mouse clicked into the piano roll during playback. The Note Properties dialog is now always shown on the same screen as the Piano roll.
  • MIDI Settings – Added ‘Pickup’ functionality for controls linked to external controllers (option in General settings)
  • Playlist – Renamed ‘Consolidate track(s) > Full song’ to ‘From song start’ to match export options.
  • Control Surface – Added a ‘Show labels‘ option to show or hide control labels.
  • Patcher – Added (Ctrl+C) and (Ctrl+V) for copy and paste on inactive parameter popups.
  • Automation – Added a Mode option to the Global Link popup.
  • File Menu – Added options Export all playlist tracks > ‘From track start‘, ‘Song start‘ or ‘Time selection‘.
  • FL Studio Mobile – Updated. See here for changelog.
  • Windows File Browser – Replaced all folder selection windows with the modern OS File Browser window.
  • Burn to MIDI – Additional reset options for Swing and Arpeggiator pop-up after selecting Burning MIDI.
  • MIDI Scripting – Added: Option to get user defined name to the GetPluginName function. function mixer.isTrackMuteLock, getTrackStereoSep and setTrackStereoSep functions to mixer module, function to get color of keys for a specific plugin (only FPC for now), Hardware_Refresh_ControlValues flag for OnRefresh event.
  • Arturia Controller Support – OEM scripts to support the Minilab Mk II, Keylab Mk II & Keylab Essential.
FL STUDIO 20.8.4 Released
FL STUDIO 20.8.4 Released 2

To see the complete list of bugfixes see here.

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