Soundtoys: ‘Frozen Drones’ Preset Demo (Tom Wolfe)

  • By: Tom Wolfe
  • Date: Tuesday, 7 September 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

‘Frozen Drones’ Preset Demo Walkthrough

In this video I demonstrate some of the presets from my preset pack Frozen Drones for Soundtoys Effect Rack.

Featuring 25 presets for Soundtoys 5 Effect Rack, Frozen Drones is designed to morph simple synth sounds into long, ethereal drones. Designed to flow from the source sound, these presets will leave long tails of unique, rolling ambience in their wake. These presets are unashamedly niche, focusing on doing one thing and doing it well. So if you’re looking for a catchall then look away, but if you’re after something to take your sounds to a new level, then these presets won’t disappoint.

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