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TRAVELER V.1.1.3 Update

TRAVELER is doppler effect tool released by Tonsturm. The tool is modeling sound and makes it moving through the air. TRAVELER is Tonsturm´s first plugin release, and more are planned for the future. To learn more about TRAVELER take a look at our TRAVELER by Tonsturm Review.

New in TRAVELER V.1.1.3

  • Fixes CPU performance issues on Mac Os systems
  • Mac installer works natively on 64bit and M1

Tonsturm was founded by Tilman Hahn and Emil Klotzsch. Tonsturm releases royalty-free, high-quality software and sound effect libraries for sound designers for films, games, and arts.

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Rating:  Five out of five stars

StrongMocha’s Review verdict: Traveler is an extremely well-done sound effect tool that will also beef up compositions when you score to picture, need to enhance your next trailer project, or just want to add the needed spice to your next musical track. Traveler as a sound design tool will have the most useful to professional sound design, a composer who scores to picture.

Pricing and Availability

Download your installers from the following location on the TRAVELER Product site.

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