Rum – Room Simulator – Meet your Original Roommate

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 15 September 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Rum – Room Simulator

Klevgrand released a new sound effect plugin: Rum – Room Simulator. Klevgrand started by looking into their own recording and mixing processes, trying to come up with tools that we’ll use ourselves. And Rum – Room Simulator will definitely be a frequently used plug-in. Rum is a room simulator, specialized in small rooms (‘Rum’ is simply Swedish for ‘Room’). It has a wide arrange of rooms, from acoustically treated studio booths to spaces found in an ordinary home.

Rum – Room Simulator Meet your Original Roommate UI
Rum – Room Simulator - Meet your Original Roommate 2
  • 10 different rooms with 6 variants each
  • 3 different types of stereo spread algorithms
  • Modulation control
  • Ducker (compression) for the wet signal
  • Pre-delay with tempo synchronization
  • Low cut and high cut filters
  • Plenty of factory presets

When recording, a common technique is to have an additional stereo pair of microphones in the same room, but from a distance. This can be useful to make a close-miked setting feel more alive and dynamic. But for various reasons (time / budget / laziness), the stereo pair often isn’t available when you need it. This is where Rum gets in..!

Pricing and Availability

Rum – Room Simulator is available now for an intro price (For a limited time only until 2021-09-30)

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