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INDOOR EXPLOSIONS feature massive explosion effects performed and recorded inside huge halls, shattered hallways, and narrow corridors. Producing breathtaking detonation effects with extra meaty reverb tails.

The main challenge for TONSTURM actually was to get permission to perform big explosion effects inside a building. After long research, TONSTURM found an abandoned flight hanger – the perfect location with different sized rooms providing a huge variety of indoor acoustic space where TONSTURM could romp around with their explosives.

TONSTURM recorded this library with professional sound design work in mind and captured every explosion with multiple channels, featuring different microphone characteristics and perspectives. Besides the many close and medium perspective options to pick from, this library also provides beautiful sounding 5.0 omnichannel recordings captured from the distance.

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Designed Versions

Together with the source recordings TONSTURM also deliver a carefully crafted set of designed explosion effects by only using the source material.

Pricing and Availability

INDOOR EXPLOSIONS is available now. take advantage of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $99,00 US Excl. VAT (Regular $159,00 US Excl. Vat)

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