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Add movement dimension and rhythm to any track DS Audio

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Add movement, dimension and rhythm to any track

Add movement, dimension, and rhythm to your sound design with DS Audio TANTRA 2.

The Tantra 2 plugin is a multi-effect that can create mesmerizing rhythm sequences from any source material. It has been reported to work best with synth sounds, deep and evolving pads, or even arpeggiated sound waves! All it takes are just a few clicks of your mouse for this incredible tool to do its job already–sparkling up those boring beats like you never imagined possible before!.

The innovative power of the new Tantra 2 synth allows you to create lush, evolving sounds that get more complex with each layer. Create rhythms and melodies in any style using 8 different effect stages including filter effects like distortion or delay; lo-fi noises for glitchy goodness! And don’t forget about two layers per main tone pattern so there’s plenty of space leftover from making your own unique subpatterns within these powerful drum beats: it truly is something special when all elements work together as one whole machine made just right for this task at hand – rhythm modulation!

Learn how Luca Pretolesi uses the DS Audio Tantra 2 for reshaping existing arrangements, and how to enter the world of creative mixing with a few clicks.
  • Create powerful rhythmic effects to add depth, dimension and movement to any sound
  • 6 two-stage effects include Filter, Distortion, Delay, Lo Fi, Flanger and Glitch, which can be placed in any order
  • Each effect offers two stages that can run in series or parallel
  • A master section allows you to apply global EQ and Reverb to your sound
  • Use the Modulator section to define the rhythmic patterns with complex 32-step envelopes with adjustable shape and different operating modes. A Convolution section includes impulse responses from broken microphones antiquated speakers and other special devices
  • Included presets are amplified by an intelligent randomizer algorithm to create new custom presets on the fly

Get started fast with stunning presets and an “intelligent randomizer”

With its own onboard preset generator, the new Tantra 2 not only randomizes parameters but also creates evocative and creative sounds from scratch. With years worth of experience in sound design coupled with top-quality presets, there has never been a better time for producers who wants their track sounded just right!

Pricing and Availability

DS Audio TANTRA 2 is available now.

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