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Lucky 16 a Collection of MaxforLive Audio Effects Processor




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This collection of MaxforLive audio effects processors from Ned Rush is a must-have for any sound designer. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, Lucky 16 has everything your heart desires!

Lucky 16
Lucky 16 a Collection of MaxforLive Audio Effects Processor 3

The sounds that can be created with this software are truly amazing. The user is given the option to mix probability and hands on performance in a simple interface, allowing them to quickly repeat any sound they like or change its pitch by octaves if needed; reverse it upside down and play at an unusual speed while stretching out syllables as though you were talking through watery synapses; scratch one note until it sounds garbled before slowly crushing back together

There are many ways to utilize the nine tweakable parameters on each module. You can change their values live in real-time, automate them with automation lanes or use a sequencer and choreograph different sequences using these controls for new sounds!

But remember one thing! They are called “Lucky” for a reason. You don’t know what you’ll get, and that’s the point of this randomizer after all – some devices will randomly alter their internal parameters on each trigger to offer up an array of huge surprises in your music-making endeavors
A composer should never have too many options when it comes down to playing around with sound waves from different sources or instruments alike because there really isn’t such thing as being bored any more thanks so much NedFX

Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live Standard with MaxforLive

Compatibility: Ableton Live 11 Suite or Ableton Live Standard with MaxforLive | Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live Standard with MaxforLive

Pricing and Availability

Lucky 16 is available now.

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