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Hyalus Pt. 2 for Pigments

Tom Wolfe’s new soundbank for Arturia Pigments, the Hyalus Pt. 2 provides a broader range of tones than its predecessor with an improved replication not only in terms of dynamics but also clarity and sonic perception.

Following on from the original Hyalus soundbank, this second installment features Arturia Pigments’ sample engine. It provides a range of unique glassy ambient sounds that are sure to inspire you in your work! Hyalus Pt. 2 is a soundbank that features 100 carefully crafted presets with the hauntingly delicate tonal quality of glass and gives users access to textures, timbres, or atmospheres for any type of project they are working on!

Created from a pool of 33 brand-new sound sources, Hyalus Pt. 2 features 100 carefully crafted presets. With the hauntingly delicate tonal quality of glass, this soundbank gives users access to a range of textures and timbres.

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For those who love to create with analog sounds, the Hyalus Pt. 2 comes in both an edition that includes 100 ambient WAV loops and a deluxe version for those looking forward to innovation and creativity on their next project! Hyalus Pt. 2 comes in both a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition, which also includes 100 ambient WAV loops. Both versions include an installer for Analog Lab V, so even if users don’t own Pigments, they can still use the presets.

Also available is the Hyalus Collection, a bundle of both Hyalus soundbanks at a discounted price, featuring 200 presets, 33 sound sources, and 12 wavetables.

Pricing and Availability

Hyalus Pt. 2 is available now.

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