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Small Pond’s New Vinyl, Emerging Part 2




Small Ponds New Vinyl Emerging Part 2

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Emerging Part 2

Small Pond Vinyl is back with a new release, Emerging Part 2 small pond’s new vinyl. Their first vinyl has been selling quickly ever since then. Vinyl records are coming back in style for many reasons, but the main thing that sets records apart from CDs or digital downloads is their sound quality. Vinyl has always had an analog sound to them that cannot be replicated digitally. In addition to being high-quality, Small Pond Vinyl releases have been very well received by critics as well as fans alike!

Small Pond is a band that reflects the diverse and exciting range of genres in which they work, so all forms of music will be considered for this project—from electronic pop to alt-rock to experimental prog and everything in between—so musicians shouldn’t be discouraged if their stuff is strange and wonderful. The team can’t wait to hear this year’s submissions!

Support Independent Musician

An independent musician is someone who creates and releases music independently of the major record labels. The independent musicians may create and sell their own music with limited distribution, or they may release free online albums that are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Independent musicians often rely more on direct fan support than on radio airplay because there are no big-buck interests to promote them. However, in order for independent musicians to survive in this industry, they have to have a good reputation for their music.

EMERGING Project Leader Liam McMillan

Small Pond Studios label manager and EMERGING project leader Liam McMillan says: “I’m really over the moon that we can work with a new group of talented young artists on our ‘Emerging’ project this year. We have been working really hard behind the scenes at Small Pond to create a host of new projects that support our local scene and beyond. It’s been an extremely challenging year, but delivering a project of this nature will undoubtedly have an immediate positive impact on our creative community.”

The project, which has been funded by the Arts Council England, focuses on giving promising artists, talented young acts, up-and-coming artists a chance to go through the entire recording, mixing, receive support, account, and marketing process – and the end access to a record label. The process will culminate in the pressing and distribution of a compilation album on 12-inch vinyl and digital platforms in a spring 2021 release. The record will feature a track from each of the acts selected.

The scheme focuses on providing up-and-coming artists with the chance to go through all phases of a record’s creation and marketing. The process culminates and end result is the pressing and distribution of a vinyl album as a collection.

Support for Musicians

Musicians will get support and industry guidance in the form of workshops, pre-production meetings, and mentoring throughout the process, along with a custom-built marketing and PR campaign for the release. Each act will also receive an allocation of the finished vinyl to selling as merchandise, getting them on the way to earning a tangible income from their music.

The project was launched in 2020 with the resulting 8 track compilation Small Pond Presents Emerging featuring singles from MY-HI, CLT DRP, PLACID, El Moono, KING BEE, San Dingo, BADLAWS, and The Subtracks, with CLT DRP going on to sign a full album deal with Small Pond for the release of theirs.

releases November 26, 2021

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